One Story. One Ring. We are committed to “Made in Japan” and create one-of-a-kind rings by putting your wishes into shapes.

How It Works

Crafting Your Story
with ith's Made To Order
Choose from over 100
collection rings
as your inspiration
Try on as many as you like,
deepen your ring knowledge,
and savor each unique style
Our concierge will guide you
to your dream design,
catering to your wishes.
Skilled craftsmen put
their heart into every piece,
shaping the feeling of two.
A lifelong symbol,
crafted just for the
two of you.
Made To Order
※We ask for your cooperation in wearing a mask and sanitizing hands while you are visiting.
※The changes to our business schedule will be announced on our website as soon as possible after reviewing the status of the pandemic or receiving requests from the government and local authorities.
※We also provide online support (online customer service) to help you create your ring.



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The Tanjong Pagar district of Singapore, where the store will be located, is an area where many of the good old traditional Singaporean buildings called "Shophouse" still remain. The ith Singapore Atelier is housed in one of these shophouses, which are preserved as historical buildings.

We have created a warm and welcoming atelier where customers feel free to drop in, mixing handcrafted work with technology, while respecting our environmental footprint and Singapore's history.

While it is the usual practice for foreign brands to open stores on the main street Orchard Road (Ginza in Japan), ith dared to choose Tanjong Pagar, a multicultural area off the center of Tokyo, as the location of its first overseas atelier. This is because we wanted to keep the DNA of ith, which started in Kichijoji, in mind when going abroad.

Singapore has many historical buildings, and the location of this time stall is situated in a nice corner of a colonial arcade. The first thing you see when you look through the window is, of course, the jewelers bench. The long and narrow space in the back is the same as a typical atelier in ith, but the decoration will be designed in a Singaporean style with a somewhat oriental impression.

Voices Messages received from customers

  • Excellent service from start to finish. Was really impressed with the interior design of the shop in Tanjong Pagar. My partner and I had the pleasure of being served by Claire. She was amazing and professional. She has gone out of her way countless times to accommodate to our needs as we do not live locally. She has replied our text and questions even beyond her working hours, which was very much appreciated given the 8 hour time difference. If you want your rings to have a unique story like ours, look no further.
    12 April 2024 | Singapore Tanjong Pagar
  • Many thanks to ith for the beautiful rings. The rings turned out exactly like we envisioned and we really love them! We liked that the process was smooth from start to finish. Special thanks to Alicia for her professional guidance and for answering all our questions. The service has been impeccable and we would recommend ith to all our friends! Thank you team!
    28 January 2024 | Singapore Tanjong Pagar
  • We are trully grateful for the excellent well-rounded service provided to us. From the warm customer service by Keem to the delicate workmanship. We are please with the craft as they reflect us as a couple. A great experience being able to choose the stones, customizing engravings, to designing of the bands. To top it all off, theres also an after sales service like refinishing and resizing.
    23 January 2024 | Singapore Tanjong Pagar

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