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The Tanjong Pagar district of Singapore, where the store will be located, is an area where many of the good old traditional Singaporean buildings called "Shophouse" still remain. The ith Singapore Atelier is housed in one of these shophouses, which are preserved as historical buildings.

We have created a warm and welcoming atelier where customers feel free to drop in, mixing handcrafted work with technology, while respecting our environmental footprint and Singapore's history.

While it is the usual practice for foreign brands to open stores on the main street Orchard Road (Ginza in Japan), ith dared to choose Tanjong Pagar, a multicultural area off the center of Tokyo, as the location of its first overseas atelier. This is because we wanted to keep the DNA of ith, which started in Kichijoji, in mind when going abroad.

Singapore has many historical buildings, and the location of this time stall is situated in a nice corner of a colonial arcade. The first thing you see when you look through the window is, of course, the jewelers bench. The long and narrow space in the back is the same as a typical atelier in ith, but the decoration will be designed in a Singaporean style with a somewhat oriental impression.

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