After-Sales Service

We focus on warranty and after-sales service
so that our customers can enjoy their engagement and wedding rings for many years to come.
As an artisan's brand born from an atelier,
we strive to be responsible and sincere
so that our customers can enjoy their rings for a life time.

Lifetime Warranty

As a guarantee for your ring, we will provide you with the following services free of charge as long as you like.

*The free of charge period is 6 months from the date of pick-up
* In some cases, depending on the nature of the repair, a fee may be charged after the estimate.

Free of Charge Services

All repairs and maintenance of the rings
will be handled by our own artisans in our workshop.
We offer a 4+ week delivery service.

  • Re-finishing

  • Resizing

    Within ±2 size from original size

  • Deforming Repairs

  • Gemstone Setting Repairs

Handling in Our Workshop

All repairs and maintenance of your ring will be done by our artisans in our own workshop. Delivery time is approximately 4+ weeks.

With Just a Phone Call or an Email

Our after-sales services are provided by the concierge in charge of you. The information about your order is managed by a dedicated system, so you can receive lifelong support from us with just a phone call or email. *Not limited to the atelier of purchase, all ith ateliers are available.

Special Requests are also Available.

Because it is a ring that is worn every day, unexpected problems such as "a big scratch from a bump"
"distortion from a drop" can occur.
At ith, we will check the condition of the ring even if it is beyond the scope of the free warranty,
and repair it after the estimate.
Our artisans will carefully repair your irreplaceable ring so that you can continue to wear it for your life time.

※ The information above only applies to wedding rings and engagement rings.