With a custom-made ring of ith your story may take shape.
You may find your favorite ring from a wide range of collection rings and add your own personality.
This is where the excitement and thrill of creating a unique ring for the two of you comes to ith.


Choose your favorite design
from a large collection of rings.

There are many types of rings to choose from, including simple and delicate shapes with movement,
designs with a sense of handcrafting, and antique styles with just the right amount of warmth.
You can find your favorite design from over 100 types of collection rings.


Add your own personal touch to the ring of your choice.
Choosing as you like freely is the main attraction of ith's custom-made spirit.

Shape Change the Shape or Width of Your Ring

  • image of Straight


  • image of U-Shape Curve

    U-Shape Curve

  • image of V-Shape Curve

    V-Shape Curve

  • image of S-Shape Curve

    S-Shape Curve

Metal Choose Your Favorite Type of Metal

※For the forged ring collection,
lime gold and champagne gold are available.

  • image of Platinum


  • image of White Gold

    White Gold

  • image of Champagne Gold <br> ※For the forged ring collection only

    Champagne Gold
    ※For the forged ring collection only

  • image of Yellow Gold

    Yellow Gold

  • image of Lime Gold <br> ※For the forged ring collection only

    Lime Gold
    ※For the forged ring collection only

  • image of Pink Gold

    Pink Gold

Texture Choose Your Favorite Type of Texture

  • image of Mirror Finish

    Mirror Finish

  • image of Sandblasting Finish

    Sandblasting Finish

  • image of Stardust Finish

    Stardust Finish

  • image of Hammered Pattern

    Hammered Pattern

  • image of Hairline Finish

    Hairline Finish

  • image of Mese Texture

    Mese Texture

  • image of Neve Texture

    Neve Texture

Combination Color Choose Your Favorite Combination of Color Arrangement

  • image of Combination Color A

    Combination Color A

  • image of Combination Color B

    Combination Color B

  • image of Combination Color C

    Combination Color C

Engraving Add Engraved Message of Your Own

  • image of Laser Engraving (Letters Only)

    Laser Engraving (Letters Only)

  • image of Hand Stamp Engraving

    Hand Stamp Engraving

  • image of Laser Engraving Illustration

    Laser Engraving Illustration

Gemstone Choose Your Favorite Type of Gemstones

Natural gemstones of your choice, such as diamonds or birthstones,
can be added as melee or inner stones.

Motif Creating a Design from a Motif

Based on the your requests, we will create the ring while sharing the image in your mind through
some design layouts or pictures.

Prototype Ring Making a Prototype Ring

A prototype ring is made in silver and coating on its surface and using an artificial stone.
By making a prototype ring can be conducted to confirm the finished design and
actual size of the ring before the actual production.