Born from the atelier of a female craftsman, ith has been focusing on the unique coloring of gold since the brand's inception, and has offered a wide range of wedding and engagement rings designed to look good in gold. The antique texture, natural impression, and various expressions of gold are the source of ith's creations. The rich variety of colors, such as pink gold, yellow gold, and white gold, is also attractive.

At ith, wedding and engagement rings are made to order using K18 gold, which is 75% pure gold and the other 25% silver, copper, palladium, etc. are blended according to the color to create each color.

Yellow Gold ring

Yellow Gold

A yellow gold ring, with its elegant brilliance,
gives off a beauty that never changes.

Pink Gold ring

Pink Gold

A soft color tone of lovely pink gold.

White Gold ring

White Gold

White gold with a white color and a slice of yellow tinge.
This is the metal of choice for those who prefer a natural color tone.