ith began in an atelier of a single female artisan from Japan, and her passion for making high-quality jewellery and the drive of getting close to the wearer's heart has been passed on to others who share the same will of ith.

The Handcrafting as the Starting Point

The sense of touch, the sound of striking metal,
the exquisite balance that cannot be measured by dimensions.
The craftsmanship of excellent artisans using their five senses gives the ring an irreplaceable warmth.

Ring Concierge

The Concierges of ith

The concierges of ith are different from the usual "sales staff". In addition to having a thorough knowledge of the collection rings of ith, our concierges are constantly learning about ring making in order to provide consultations on custom-made orders. All concierges receive educational programs on ring knowledge and courteous customer service, in order to be able to provide the same level of service as in Japan. They also have experience in actual ring processing at our own workshop in Japan. With this knowledge, in addition to interacting with customers in the atelier, they are also responsible for managing the production process, including giving processing instructions for ring production based on customers' orders.

Our Love to Rings

Occasionally, our concierges will make certain suggestions in response to customers' special requests. If there is any concern about the quality or specifications of your wedding or engagement ring, our concierges will explain in detail any risk that is involved. It is the mission of ith's concierges to ensure quality as well as satisfying the customer's needs.


Production control to maintain delivery deadlines
and maintain quality standards through technical inspection in Japan.
Efforts to make improvements,
which are the essence of Japanese craftsmanship,
support ith's custom-made ring creation.

New knows old

Not only insist on the good old techniques
but also make full use of new techniques,
always seeking the best for our customers.
That is the kind of craftsmanship
that keeps ith innovative and never old.


We share and pass on our knowledge and skills both inside and outside the company.
This culture is what takes our craftsmanship to the next level.


At ith, we select diamonds based on their quality and suitability for bridal rings.
Among the 4Cs of diamond evaluation, the cut of a diamond,
which makes a difference in the brilliance of the diamond depending on the skill of the lapidary, is important,
and we select diamonds with excellent cuts for both wedding and engagement rings.
This policy significant to ith which has its roots in craftsmanship.

& Support

Because we want to take responsibility for the jewellery that will be with you for the rest of your life,
we offer both paid and unpaid warranty to our after-sales services system.
All repairs and maintenance are performed by craftsmen in our own workshops in Japan.
We will support our customers with their wedding rings and other jewellery for many years to come.

Cleaning Service Remove scratches and refinish the product
as close as possible to the original condition it was delivered to you.
Resizing Adjustment of the size of the original ring to within
plus or minus two sizes.
Deforming Repairs Repair minor distortions caused by general daily wear back to a perfect circle.
Setting Repairs Prongs repairing and
reposition of the gemstone (except for when the gemstone is missing)

* Depending on the repairs type, a fee may be charged after the estimate.