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Platinum or gold, tips for choosing a ring material

Choosing the right material for your perfect ring

When choosing a wedding or engagement ring, many people find it difficult to choose the color of the base metal, in other words, material.

Starting with whether to choose all-time favorite gold, or classic platinum, you may be already at a loss. In addition to that, you should also consider your partner's wishes.

For those who are in the midst of choosing a ring, here are some points to focus on when you are unsure about the choice of base metal.


Check for allergies in advance

Wedding rings, in particular, are pieces of jewelry that many people rarely take off. Durability is essential for long-lasting wear, and the risk of metal allergies should not be overlooked. In particular, those who wear jewelry for the first time should have their allergies checked at a medical institution before choosing a ring.

Platinum and gold are both nonallergenic metals, but in jewelry making, they are mixed with other metals to increase their strength. It is those metals that require attention. The composition of the metal varies from jewelry store to jewelry store, so do not hesitate to check with the store if there are metals that you want to avoid.


Is gold the best choice? Why is it often chosen?

Gold is a material that can be worn for a lifetime. Like platinum, it is strengthened by being mixed with metals other than gold, and is available in a wide variety of colors.


Color variations such as yellow gold, pink gold, and white gold are created by using the nuances of colors of metals other than gold (pure gold) to give them different tones. Why not find the color gold that suits you best, according to your taste, skin tone, and everyday attire?

At ith, all wedding and engagement rings can be made in yellow, pink, or white gold. In addition, champagne gold and lime gold are also available for forged wedding rings.


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How about platinum?

Platinum's name “白金” not only evokes the image of pure white, but also goes well with the transparency of diamonds, and the combination of platinum and diamonds reminds many people of engagement rings.


In fact, the material's stability (in terms of resistance to tarnishing, deformation, and discoloration) is also excellent, making it suitable for the production of bridal rings. If you like platinum, choose it with confidence. Both wedding and engagement rings are available in a wide range of variations, and you will find it easy to find a design that you like.

All wedding and engagement rings available at ith can be made in platinum. We hope you will find your favorite platinum ring.


Gold color variation

Each variation of gold is unique. Let's take a look at some typical ones.


Yellow Gold

It is a standard, so-called gold color, and has a gorgeous, attractive impression. When actually worn, many people feel that it is closer to their skin tone than platinum and blends well with their hands. 


Pink Gold (Rose Gold)

This color variation is popular for its pink nuance, where redness is added by containing copper. Compared to yellow gold, it has a softer, prettier look. It has the unexpected feature that its blood-red color blends with the skin tone, making it easy for men who do not want their rings to stand out on their fingers to wear it naturally.


Champagne Gold

It is produced by adding white metals such as silver, zinc, and palladium to reduce the yellowish color. This color is recommended for those who prefer a paler coloring than yellow or pink gold. It is ideal for those who prefer a sophisticated look.


White Gold

This gold is finished in a whitish color by using a large amount of silver and other metals. It is similar to platinum, but in comparison, platinum has a blue-based silvery impression, while the white gold’s yellow-based silvery color gives a sense of warmth. It also suits well with antique and vintage designs.


Green Gold(Lime Gold)

It is characterized by a fresh color with a low reddish hue. Although it is rarely used for bridal jewellery, it is gaining popularity and we call them “lime gold” at ith.


Other variations such as blue, red, and purple also exist. Each jewellery brand handles different types and shades, and depending on the combination with the design, the impression of your hand when you wear it will change.

We encourage you to try on various types to find the perfect base metal color for you.

Recommended for those who can't narrow down their choices

If you can't choose between gold or platinum, or if you are a couple who want matching colors but have conflicting opinions, consider using BOTH gold and platinum.


Combination color rings offer a wide range of coordination with other jewellery. Those whose tastes may change from platinum to gold as they get older can also choose with confidence.

The production of combination-color rings requires a high level of craftsmanship to combine two different materials into one ring. ith not only has wedding and engagement rings designed in combination colors, but also offers semi-custom rings in two different colors in your choice of design. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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The color of the base metal creates the uniqueness of wedding and engagement rings

The color of the base metal brings out new charms when combined with the design. Our engagement and wedding rings both feature soft and gentle designs that look and feel great on the finger. Please select your favorite design and the base metal color that will deepen your love for the ring.


The more you wear your wedding and engagement rings, the more they will become an irreplaceable part of you. We hope you will find a ring that fits comfortably on your finger like a part of your body.


Platinum or gold, tips for choosing a ring material