Platinum, a silvery-white metal with the element symbol "Pt."

Pure platinum is soft, so when it is processed as jewellery, it is mixed with another metal as an alloy called Pt900 or Pt950 to increase its hardness.

It is popular for bridal jewellery. It is suitable to wear in daily life, and its stability characteristics are also attractive as a precious metal.

Why Choose Platinum in Use for Bridal Jewellery

Platinum is a precious metal in a silvery white color with a deep hue that evokes a sense of modesty.
The silvery white color has a fresh and innocent impression, matching the image of a bride. That has made platinum the preferred choice for wedding and engagement rings.
Platinum's stable, non-tarnishing properties are reminiscent of eternal love, and it is also easy to handle in everyday life.

The platinum wedding and engagement rings of ith is made of Platinum 950 (Pt950), the most commonly used grade of platinum in the jewellery industry of Japan. The tenacious nature of platinum makes it strong against deformation and it is an excellent metal for holding gemstones with small prongs when it comes to gemstone setting.

What is Good About Platinum

It Does Not Cause Metal Allergies Easily

Most metal allergies are caused not by pure platinum or gold itself, but by nickel and palladium, which are used as alloying metals. The precious metal called platinum must have at least 85% pure platinum. Compared to the more common gold product "K18" with a purity of 75%, platinum has a lower proportion of alloys and is therefore less likely to induce allergic reactions.

It Does Not Discolor and Has High Stability

Platinum is a precious metal with a stable chemical composition. It is resistant to heat and acid, and is unaffected by sweat, detergents, cosmetics, and other scientific substances, so it can be worn for a lifetime and ideal as wedding bands and engagement rings.

The Color Tone That Enhance the Brilliance of Diamonds

High grade diamonds are colorless and transparent. By choosing a silvery white metal platinum that is close to colorless be able to avoid color interference with the diamond.

What is Pt900

Pt900 is an alloy of 90% pure platinum and 10% other alloying metals.
This alloyed platinum is made by mixing other alloying metals to increase the hardness, making it suitable for everyday wear, and perfect for wedding and engagement rings.

What is Pt950

Pt950 is an alloy of 95% pure platinum and 5% other alloying metals.
In order to increase the purity of platinum, this alloy is blended with more pure platinum. And also to maintain the balance between its purity and hardness, some harder alloying metals are added as an alloying element.