Engraving with a story just for the two of you.

At ith, we offer a variety of engraving patterns and methods so that you can engrave your wedding and engagement rings with your unique ideas and messages.

Engraving the Special Date or Your Initials

The most common way is to engrave an anniversary date or the initials of the two of yours.
The memorable dates are often chosen such as the date you met each other, the date of your wedding, or the date you registered as married.
It is usually to place initials like "your initials to her/ his initials" or "your initials & her/his initials".(Or the other way around)

Basic Engraving Example

2019.4.20 A to B
2019.4.20 A & B
2019.4.20 TOM to MARY
2019.4.20 TOM & MARY
2019.4.20 A to B (Combination of gemstone and initials)

Engraving the Special Message of Yours

A special message for the couple can also be engraved.
In addition to the English message, unique messages can be engraved in French, Latin, or even Hawaiian words, and other languages.

Message Example

Forever in love.
Yours Forever.
Vrai Amour. (French, Ture Love)
Mon amour. (French, My Love)
Con Todo Me Amore. (Latin, With All My Love)
Carpe Diem. (Latin, Seize the Day)
XOXOXO A to H (Hugs & Kisses)

10 Examples of Words you Want to Engrave on Your Wedding Rings (column)

Engraving of Your Original Illustrations

To further accentuate the uniqueness of the two of you, ith can engrave an original hand-drawn illustration or a memorable message that you created together in handwritten text. We also offer an interesting ring design (Cifra) in which the message appears when two rings are stacked on top of each other.

*Some restrictions may apply depending on the ring design.


Gemstones on the Inside of the Rings

A small gemstone of 1 mm in diameter can be set on the inside of the ring. The ring can be decorated with a birthstone, the gemstone of the month of your wedding anniversary, or other stones that tell a story or idea that is uniquely yours. We also offer special gemstones such as two diamonds created from a single rough stone.

*Some restrictions may apply depending on the ring design.

The Birthstone

January Garnet
February Amethyst
March Aquamarine
April Diamond
May Emerald
June Moonstone
July Ruby
August Peridot
September Sapphire
October Tourmaline
November Topaz
December Tanzanite

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is an engraving method in which by creating data such as text or illustrations by operating on a PC and engraving them with a laser beam.
Basically, anything that fits within the width of the ring shank can be engraved according to the data.
Recently, people have been engraving handwritten messages, cute illustrations as a mark of yours, and so on.

The following fonts are available.


Hand Stamp Engraving

While engraving by a machine is the norm these days. At ith, where we value the warmth of ring making, we also offer hand stamp engraving by our artisans. This technique has existed since a long time, requires a great deal of skill, as the letters are engraved one by one like a stamp, and if the force is not even and precise, the letters may be crushed or bumpy. It is a warm engraving technique that holds an artisan's thoughts and feelings.

Acrostic Engraving

Acrostic engraving is a playful way to convey a message by joining the initial letters of a gemstone's name.
For example, the message "REGARD,"
will be like R (ruby), E (emerald), G (garnet), A (amethyst), R (ruby), and D (diamond).
You can also try replacing a single letter of the message with a gemstone, or add gemstones to each other's initials, for a secret engraving just for the two of you.