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Eternity Rings

Symbol of 'Eternal Love'
Eternity Ring
Symbol of "Eternal Love"

The origin of the name 'Eternity Ring' comes from the diamonds set continuously around the ring,
evoking the idea of love that lasts forever.

In addition to their romantic sparkle,
the practicality and design with minimal snagging make them a popular choice for everyday engagement and wedding rings.

They are chosen not only as bridal rings but also for anniversaries and special gifts to reaffirm 'eternal love',
and are enjoyed for layering with existing rings.

About ith Eternity Rings Remarkable Elements

Features of ith Eternity Rings Enabled by Skilled Craftsmanship
Variety in Designs

ith Eternity Rings are known for their rich design variations backed by skilled craftsmanship.

Based on timeless designs, ith adds design elements with different claw shapes for gemstone settings and flat finishing to reduce snagging, catering not just to aesthetics but also to individual preferences and wearing scenarios.

ith Full Eternity Rings Full Eternity Rings

125 main
・Gemstones set all around the ring
・Sparkles from every angle
・Ring rotation on the finger is unnoticeable
[Note]Resizing may be difficult

Designs Highlighting Diamonds Simple & Orthodox

Eye-Catching and Glamorous Designs Artistic & Unique

Designs with a Warm, Casual Touch Craft & Casual

ith Half Eternity Rings Half Eternity Rings

199 sub
・Gemstones set on half the ring
・Palm-side is gem-free for everyday wear
・Easier to resize

Suitable for Everyday Use and Stacking Rings Daily & Stacking

Premium High-Quality Diamond Selection
Premium High-Quality Diamond Selection

Eternity rings, where the brilliance of diamonds is directly conveyed, use high-quality diamonds.

As rings to be worn for a lifetime, the quality of materials is paramount, and craftsmen carefully set the diamonds with delicate prongs to maximize their sparkle.

Custom-made Special Eternity Rings by ith
Made-to-Order for More Personalization

Eternity rings made to order can completely change the impression of the same design.

ith offers a wide range of options, including using colored diamonds or birthstones, and adjusting the number of stones to fit your finger size, to tailor to your requests.

Ways to Enjoy Eternity Rings Knowledge & Insight

Eternity for engagement

Choosing an Eternity Ring as an Engagement Ring

As glamorous as a solitaire engagement ring, yet simple enough to be loved forever. As a symbol of everlasting happiness, eternity rings are a fitting choice for engagement rings.

If made with large diamonds, they exude a sparkling presence, enhancing life's special moments. For a more subtle and everyday look, smaller diamonds offer a delicate sparkle that enhances the fingers.
Eternity for marriage

Choosing an Eternity Ring as a Wedding Ring

For daily wear, half eternity types are convenient as they are less likely to catch on the hand.

Also noteworthy is the method of setting diamonds. Choosing channel, bezel, or flush settings provides a secure and snag-free finish, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of diamonds with ease in daily life.
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Layering Dreams with Eternity Rings

Eternity rings, compatible with various types of rings, broaden your jewelry coordination options. Their classic design makes them timeless pieces.

Besides sparkling diamonds, combining other gemstones or birthstones, or choosing gold bands for color coordination are possible. From daily wear to dressing up on weekends or special events, choose according to the scene and image.

ith also offers custom-made arrangements to match your existing rings. Consult us for unique eternity ring designs.

Tips for Everyday Wear

Prongs and uneven designs can snag on clothes or stockings. Choose a design that fits your lifestyle and wearing frequency.

Also, gemstones can become dull from oils, perfumes, and hair sprays. Avoid constant wear and put on the ring as a final touch before going out.

Things to Note About Resizing

Full eternity rings, with diamonds set continuously, cannot be resized.

For those who prefer designs that can be resized, half eternity rings or other designs with resizing possibilities are recommended.