Eternity Rings

The eternity rings are known as a design that symbolizes eternal love because of the way the diamonds are lined up without interruption. The eternity rings are both universal and overwhelmingly gorgeous. They also usually are considered as a wedding ring or engagement ring for a long time.

The Charm of Eternity Rings

An eternity ring has a neutral design, allowing the diamonds to shine brightly. It can be worn timelessly regardless of age.

It is easy to coordinate with other jewelry, expanding the enjoyment of styling. For those who admire diamonds but feel that engagement rings with a center stone may not suit them, an eternity ring can be worn subtly.

In addition, it is also attractive that it can be worn beautifully even for those who are worried about their fingers being swollen and the ring being easily rotated.

The charm of eternity rings

Eternity rings, with their neatly arranged diamonds that continue without interruption, are known as a design that symbolizes eternal love. They have a timeless elegance and can be cherished as wedding or engagement rings for years to come.

The neutral design of eternity rings allows them to blend in easily with other jewelry, expanding your fashion coordination possibilities. For those who may feel uncomfortable with engagement rings that emphasize the center stone, but still desire diamonds, eternity rings can be worn effortlessly.

Additionally, the fact that they fit snugly on the finger and do not turn easily is another alluring feature for those who have concerns about the ring spinning on their finger.

Eternity rings symbolize "eternal love"

The name "eternity ring" comes from the design where diamonds are continuously set around the entire circumference of the ring in the same pattern. This image evokes the idea of an everlasting love, making it a popular choice for anniversary gifts or special occasions.

With its combination of calming elegance and diamond brilliance, eternity rings have also become a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings.

Experience the allure of the "eternal love" symbol at your fingertips with an eternity ring.

Eternity rings as engagement rings

Eternity rings offer both a glamorous impression that is not inferior to that of a single-stone engagement ring, as well as a simple design that can be cherished without getting tired of it. As a ring that represents your wish for lasting happiness, eternity rings are a fitting choice for engagement rings. They can also be layered on top of your wedding ring, giving you even more styling options.

Eternity rings as wedding rings

The design where diamonds are set around the entire circumference of the ring, known as "full eternity", creates a gorgeously adorned hand when layered with an engagement ring. This design can also serve as a wedding ring that doubles as an engagement ring.

If you choose a "half eternity" design where gems are set only on the front half of the ring, you won't have to worry about the diamonds hitting your palm when you make a fist.

Features of ith eternity ring

ith eternity ring is that there are various variations in the design.

Eternity ring is a leading role in diamonds and many designs are universal, but ith eternity ring makes the shape of the nails that fasten the diamonds to create a design and flatten stone. I am thinking of design that matches the preference and wearing scene of each person who wears it, such as reducing the catch. In addition, ith's eternity ring is that you can feel the unique enjoyment of the custom -made, such as arranging the size of the diamond and making it your favorite volume.

Difference between full eternity and half eternity

The ring where the jewel is left around the ring, a full eternity, a ring that stays on the ring about half a half is called a half -eternity. Full eternity has a jewel stay, no matter where you go around the ring, so you can always enjoy the shine of the gem even if the ring turns.

Half eternity has a modest impression compared to full eternity, and there is a difference that the size can be modified.

Points when you usually use

Due to the stay of jewelry, the fiber of the clothes may get stuck on the ring and damage it, and the shine and reflection of jewelry may occur due to oil, perfume and hair spray. We recommend that you wear a ring at the end of your taste.

Eternity used as an engagement ring

Eternity ring is an easy -to -wear item for those who do not like engagement rings with large diamonds in the center.
Large diamonds have a high glossy and reflection, have a presence and special scenes gorgeously. If you wear it on a daily basis or want to wear it with a modest impression, you can decorate your fingers casually with delicate glowing eternity rings using meleless diamonds.

Beautiful eternity ring

Eternity ring is an improved gorgeousness when layered with a simple wedding ring.

Winning rings are worn every day, so may not be too flashy for work or hurt jewelry? If you are worried, you can enjoy the glittering shine of diamonds, such as holidays and specially dressed ups, with eternity rings that you wear well with diamonds.

In addition, changing the color of the wedding ring and eternity ring can improve the fashion.

Reward the size of eternity ring

eternity ring cannot be fixed in size. When fixing the size, a part is cut to adjust the number, but there is a gap in the design where the diamond is tightly fastened in one lap.

If you want to make a design that can be fixed in size considering the future, we recommend that you use half eternity.