Spend your precious time together,
just like picking up each of your feelings and ideas.
The unique ring-making of the two of you
will be an irreplaceable memory.

Our atelier is filled with warmth and creativity.
It is a special place where "one and only" rings are created.

Our concierge will welcome you as a partner in the creation of the ring.

Wedding bands are something that will be worn for a lifetime.
You want to find a ring that you both love,
something that reminds each other.

Something feels just a little bit different?
Not sure what kind of ring you want?
Concierge at ith is there to support couples with such concerns to think it through.

Concierge's Blog つくり手が綴る、指輪づくりのエピソード。

Atelier お二人に寄り添う指輪づくりの舞台