For Your Proposal

"Have an engagement ring that my partner will love!"
"Want to have it custom-made, but don't have the time!"
Here are some items that we recommend for you.

How To Propose

Diamond With a Diamond

This is a method of marriage proposal by selecting only the diamond in advance.
After a successful proposal, you and your partner can use the diamond to create an engagement ring with your favorite design.

Choose Your Preferred Diamond Grade

You can select your preferred diamond according to your budget and grade at the atelier. Our knowledgeable craftsmen will support you, so please feel free to consult with us if you have any concerns.
After the Proposal

Designing together

Later, you can choose your preferred design with your partner at the atelier.
Not only rings, but also necklaces and other items can be made, so please share your various requests with us.

How do you propose and
make the one accept it happily?

A once-in-a-lifetime proposal.
It's an event that makes both your heart beats rise.
Being proposed by a diamond ring is a moment that many are longing for.
But what if you cannot decide what kind of ring for your partner or do not know the size?
In fact, many customers have already come by their own to our atelier for advice on a diamond ring before their proposals.
So please worry not, we understand your concerns.
At ith, our concierge will solve your problems side by side with you all along.

"I want to create a romantic,
once-in-a-lifetime moment
and make my partner happy!"

At ith, we are offering several ways for those who have the thought above.
We provide consultation for your ring selection to lead you to your best way of proposing.

ith, an atelier born from a female artisan where you may choose a ring make your heart content

ith was born from the atelier of a single female craftswoman. We understand the importance of choosing an once-a-lifetime ring. The starting point of ith is a simple desire to help customers choose a ring that they are satisfied with, instead of choosing a ring as recommended by a salesperson while being unsure about the decision. Our knowledgeable concierges will carefully support you and propose your important ring selection.

The Ring of ith

Atelier borned ith. We will guide you from the basic knowledge necessary for selecting a ring. At ith, we believe in custom-made rings that are made by you. After a successful proposal, the two of you can work together to create a ring that takes into account your preferences.