2022.10.31 Atelier

We are opening on November 18!

November 18, 2022.


As October ends, we are in the final stretch of prepping the Singapore Atelier to open. The opening date is set to November 18th, and the we are now open for your reservation. If you are looking for made-to-order wedding rings and engagement rings, please book your appointment from below link.


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For the last month, we have been training our new team members in Singapore, building the atelier, solving small problems one by one so that we can welcome you to our atelier in the best way possible. For the last 8 years, ith has served clients in Japan. We are hoping that our approach towards your rings are something that you will enjoy as much as our past clients over the years. 

Our wish is to help you create the ideal rings that is true and unique to you, and to help you enjoy the process. 


When the two of you decide to get married, there are many thing that you need to plan for. The wedding ceremony, the party, the photography, the dress, the food... The list goes on. And the wedding rings are one of them. 


The wedding ring selection should be a process that is as happy and pleasant as possible just as the whole wedding should be. Our consierges are here to provide a friendly, yet professional services that enrich your experiences. 


See you soon!




We are opening on November 18!