2024.06.07 Shinjuku

A Special Engagement Ring with a Mimosa Motif, Full of Personal Significance

"I would like a ring that I can wear at work and feel excited about," shared the lady.


In discovering her preferences and sentiments, we tailored a unique engagement ring just for her.


An Encounter with a Special Ring

The lady, born in March and working as a florist, shared her attraction to the mimosa-themed ring "Mimosa."


She found the marquise-cut diamonds endearing, reminiscent of mimosa leaves, making it her favorite choice.



She reminisced about her first ever bouquet crafted as a florist, which was made of mimosa flowers.


The first experiences are always precious memories that stay with us.


This touching story was new to the gentleman as well, who was quite surprised.


Given her deep connection to mimosas, he supported the decision to proceed with the "Mimosa"'s design.

Customizing a One-of-a-Kind Design

However, she preferred a ring with a slender shank.


We explored how we could merge her preferred style with her emotional connection, delving into detailed discussions.




While keeping the central splendor intact, we reduced the diamonds to just one piece and tailored the arms to be slender and charming, eagerly anticipating the final design.


The finished engagement ring was delivered to the gentleman, who then presented it to the lady as a surprise during a celebratory trip.



Infused with the lady's distinct preferences, this one-of-a-kind engagement ring aims to uplift her spirits, whether at work, out and about, or on days off, making every moment special.


Concierge: Nakasawa

Shinjuku Atelier


A Special Engagement Ring with a Mimosa Motif, Full of Personal Significance