2022.09.14 Singapore

Engagement ring with a moon motif floating in the autumn night sky

The "Jugoya" (harvest moon night) is a typical autumnal event in Japan.

Viewing the beautiful full moon while enjoying the cool night breeze.

It is one of the events that you can enjoy with your loved ones and family.

This time, we would like to introduce an engagement ring inspired by the image of the "moon" that is perfect for the season of “Jugoya”.


With the Motif of Moon


The design of this ring is as if it gently embraces the diamond in the center, which is reminiscent of the moon.

Only one side stone is placed just a little bit off the center diamond.

It represents the moon and stars floating in the night sky.

Impression When Be Worn 

The engagement rings of ith have curved designs such as S-shape or V-shape.

The "Moon" ring has a gently slackening U-shaped curve.

The visual effect makes the finger look longer and the entire finger look slender by adding volume at the base of the ring.

And the fact that it looks like a smiling face is also adorable, isn’t it?


The wedding ring to stack with “Moon” we recommend "Legato".

They have the same U-shaped curve, so they go well together when stacked.

If you have interest in trying them on we are always available for you, so please visit our atelier nearby.


You can change the side stone to your favorite birthstone.

For example, you can express your feelings of "I want to stay by your side forever" by arranging your partner's birthstone on the ring.

Also, choose a smaller diamond for the center stone to make it easier to wear on a daily basis.

Please come to our atelier and check for your birthstone.

Put Your Feelings into the Ring

The collection rings of ith are created from various motifs such as flowers, plants, music, and so on.


Flowers, Plants, Music...

And each ring is a reflection of the philosophy of ith that, "the one who wears the ring is the leading role of the story".

Why don't you make the one and only ring in the world with your feelings and these beautiful motifs for your partner?

Concierge: Matsukawa



Engagement ring with a moon motif floating in the autumn night sky