2022.09.23 singapore

One Story. One Ring.

How the brand started.


8 years ago in the ourskirts of Tokyo, Japan. a goldsmith opened a tiny atelier making bespoke wedding and engagement rings. Since Ayu Takahashi was not a designer, how she helped her customers was unique. She did not create her own design, and sold tehm. Instead, she started by listening to each client's story as a couple, their preferences, and involving clients into the design process. Takahashi created an environment where clients and a goldsmith co-create wedding and engagement rings


One Story. 


Each client's story is one-of-a-kind. How you two met. How you started seeing each other. How you grew your love. How you decided to spend the rest of your lives together. There are no 2 stories that are the same. 


One Ring.


If your story is unique to you, how about rings that represents your bond? We believe that they deserve the same uniqueness. 


One Story. One Ring. 


As a bridal jewelry brand, we do manufacture rings, and offer them to you. However, we do not consider ourselves as ring makers.


ith is an experience brand.  


We hope to be a part of your memories as someone who help you create a symbol of your love. Marriage is a life event that you will remember for the rest of your lives.  Choosing wedding and engagement ring is a part of it. We wish to make that part of experience as pleasant as possible.



One Story. One Ring.