2023.12.12 Jewellery Column

Aging and Cleaning of Rings



We want to be a reliable atelier even after delivery

Wedding and engagement rings are special items. They were chosen by the couple with the intention of wearing them throughout their lives, even as they age. I believe that because they are something to be worn for a lifetime, it should be worn with affection, and occasional maintenance can help ensure this.


Rings change little by little as you wear them every day. In the daily life, the texture of the surface changes due to friction with clothing, the ring is deformed by the force of your grip, and oil gets on the diamond and clouds its brilliance, so the ring will never stay the same as when you bought it.

For many customers, wedding ring is the first piece of jewellery they have ever worn, so if you become concerned about it as you wear, or if you need some advice, you can count on the concierge to help you.


From the time I started an atelier in Kichijoji, Tokyo, I've always wanted the atelier to be a place and where customers can feel free to consult whenever they need. Even now, I want to stay involved with the couple's wedding rings, rather than just helping them until delivery. I want to always maintain responsibility for the rings I have made.

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Changes in metal


There are various changes in metal, such as a shiny ring become matte, a matte texture becoming glossy, or deformation to fit the shape of the finger.

Wearing the ring daily as an accessory causes changes to the ring. I remember how happy I was when someone once said that this change itself was "a sense of nurturing the ring with love".

Of course, we can also offer maintenance to ensure that the condition is kept as close as possible to that at the time of delivery. Please feel free to bring your ring to our atelier anytime and as often as you like. The timing of maintenance varies, but I find that many of our customers choose to have their rings serviced on their first wedding anniversary or during the period before the birth of their child when they are unable to wear their rings.

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To ensure the lasting radiance of the diamond

Diamonds are the hardest and most brilliant of all gemstones. By maintaining diamonds on a regular basis, it is possible to maintain their brilliance as bright as the day they were delivered to you.

Diamonds are lipophilic, meaning that they easily absorb oil, and direct contact with your fingers can cause the brilliance to appear cloudy. Even if the sparkle appears cloudy, there is a simple maintenance procedure that can be performed at home. Simply put a drop of dishwashing detergent on the diamond and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

To maintain its brilliance for a long time, this method of cleaning has an immediate effect in restoring the visual brilliance. Engagement rings hold an important meaning to the couple getting married. Regular cleaning will ensure that the sparkling diamonds will shine brightly in your hand.

Reuniting with our customers through cleaning

There are customers from the time when I worked at the Atelier in Kichijoji, Tokyo. They visit my atelier every year on their wedding anniversary to have their rings cleaned.

It is a happy reunion for me, and happy to see how much they care about their rings at all times.

The moment I see a brand-new, just-completed ring, I recall the joyous feeling, and it might be during maintenance that I return to that initial enthusiasm.


After delivering the rings crafted with care by the craftsmen, we will nurture them and create a history with our customers.

The couple's memories will be engraved along with their rings.



Concierge: Ayu Takahashi




Aging and Cleaning of Rings