2024.04.27 Yokohama

The handcrafted wedding ring that fulfilled their dreams

The couple is very friendly and cheerful.  


They registered their marriage on Christmas, and it was their first time trying on wedding rings at ith.


I also took extra care to assist them diligently.


After trying on a wide range of styles from simple to crafted designs, "We want a simple appearance, but also wish to have a distinctive difference from others," they said.


Such desires led them to choose the "Da Capo."



"Da Capo" is a basic design for wedding rings.

It is a ring made using the forging method, which focuses on strength.


Although the design appears simple, the "forging method" used in crafting the ring has become a source of pride for the couple.




Additionally, the couple focused on the comfort of wearing the ring.


There are various shapes of rings such as high-dome, low-dome, and flat, each providing different levels of comfort.


The couple found the high-dome shape to be the most comfortable.


Although the "Da Capo" model is initially low-dome, it was customized into a high-dome shape at ith, achieving a finish that combines strength and softness.



Additionally, the couple compared the differences in ring widths using sample rings.


The man felt that 3.0mm was too wide and 2.5mm too narrow.

He considered a width of 2.8mm, but then decided on a indivible number, changing it to 2.7mm.


Inspired by this, the woman also opted for a indivible number of 2.3mm.


This decision not only personalized their rings but also created a unique matching set that reflected their individual tastes.




It is only because everything is handmade that we were able to make it happen.


I hope they will give them lots of love from now on.


I also look forward to hearing from them about anniversary jewellery.




Concierge: Matsukawa

Yokohama Atelier

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The handcrafted wedding ring that fulfilled their dreams