2023.04.01 Fukuoka

The Distinctive Features of the Fukuoka Atelier's Room

April marks the start of new beginnings, with many preparing for engagements or marriage registrations.


During such a busy period, customers come to ith seeking a tranquil environment to choose their rings.




Most rooms in ith's atelier are semi-private, allowing customers to take their time and select rings at their own pace.


The well-ventilated semi-private rooms ensure comfort, even during extended try-ons, as many customers have expressed how 'cozy' they feel.



The privacy of these spaces makes it easier to find "rings that truly represent you."




The Fukuoka Atelier is unique among our national ateliers, being one of the few with two floors.

The first floor comprises entirely of semi-private rooms, while the second floor opens up to a more spacious area.



The rooms on the second floor offer an open space where natural light streaming through large windows enhances the experience of comparing rings.


We have created an environment where customers can feel relaxed and at ease while choosing their rings, so please feel free to visit the Fukuoka Tenjin Atelier.


Matsumoto, Concierge

Fukuoka Atelier


The Distinctive Features of the Fukuoka Atelier's Room