2023.02.20 Fukuoka

A Wedding Ring with Special Arrangements to Feel Each Other's Connection

A cheerful and lovely couple.


The first time we met was when early summer was just beginning to show its signs.


Through the creation of a prototype ring and over the course of about four months, your rings were completed.

During the time spent in the atelier, you shared many thoughts and feelings about your rings.


Thoughts on the Wedding Rings



In your search for the perfect rings, there were two sentiments you held dear:


"A design that makes us feel connected to each other"

Being wedding bands, you mentioned that it would be nice to have something that feels like a common thread between two of you.


"A design that pairs well with the important engagement ring for stacking"

The engagement ring had a gently twisted form.

The man, during casual conversations with the woman, fulfilled her wish of wanting something "for everyday use" with this ring.


Adding Your Unique Touches


This search led you to "Legato."

You were drawn to the comfortable wear of the softly rounded U-shaped form.


The woman focused on the positioning of the diamond settings to ensure that the stacking with her engagement ring looked beautiful.


For the texture, you were drawn to ith’s original warm Neve finishing, appealing for its delicate design.

The man, valuing his connection with the woman, applied a matching texture to his right arm to create a link between two of you.


Through the Creation of a Prototype Ring


With the intention of transforming the image filled with your sentiments into form, the rings were completed after the creation of a prototype ring.


Through the process of creating rings at ith, the man, who had initially said he might not wear the ring much, shared that he now wanted to "always wear the ring."

The gentle, happy look on the woman’s face at that moment was truly beautiful.


Such a wonderful episode about the couple warmed my heart as if it were my own joy.



Standing before the completed rings, you both happily remarked on the uniqueness of the design.

As you move forward, may these rings on your fingers engrave your memories together.


Being part of creating your irreplaceable wedding rings through ith has been a great pleasure for me.


Wishing you both bright days ahead, true to yourselves, and happiness everlasting from the bottom of my heart.


Concierge: Ninomiya

Fukuoka Atelier


A Wedding Ring with Special Arrangements to Feel Each Other's Connection