2022.06.01 Fukuoka

Sophisticated and Chic Atmosphere with White Gold

In this blog, I will introduce metals offered by ith


This time, I will showcase the allure of "white gold," known for its refined and chic ambiance.




Crafted with a deep matte finish known as "Honing", white gold's hue is highlighted.


The contrast between the mirror-like finish with milgrain and the honing resembles two people closely embracing each other.



Intricate engraving adds a subtle statement within the warmth, showcasing both richness in expression and modesty.




ith's collection abundantly features "multifaceted" designs.


Boldly carved sides combined with a slim silhouette exude a graceful presence.



At ith, every design can be custom-made in white gold.


Since it's a ring you'll wear every day, choosing a refined metal that enhances your daily life is indeed a wonderful choice.


I hope the meticulously crafted wedding rings become a special symbol for just the two of you.


I look forward to welcoming you at the Fukuoka Tenjin Atelier.


Concierge: Miyazaki

Fukuoka Atelier


Sophisticated and Chic Atmosphere with White Gold