2023.10.28 Fukuoka

Matching Forged Rings Customized to Preference

On their first ring shopping experience, a couple visited the ith atelier.


Exchanging opinions, they embarked on their ring selection journey with both excitement and seriousness.


The man, initially stating he had "no particular preferences," began to discover his likes and priorities through trying on various rings.




Given his profession in manufacturing, he showed a keen interest in the ring-making methods and processes.


The couple favored the "Da capo", a ring forged with attention to strength and construction, due to its standard design.


Originally, "Da capo" has a Low-dome shape with slightly flat and clean impression.

Prioritizing comfort, the couple chose to add more curvature for a softer contact with the finger.



For the woman's ring, aiming for an elegant look to match her slender fingers, it was crafted with a 2.0mm width.


The randomly placed diamonds showcase the delicate creativity unique to female artisans.


The natural champagne gold color, available for forged rings, perfectly matched her gentle demeanor.



The man desired a thicker band for a more pronounced presence and uniqueness.


After repeatedly trying on samples of various widths, they settled on a 4.0mm design that felt just right on his hand.


To prevent it from appearing too flashy due to its wider width, a subdued hairline finish was applied on the surface, creating a cool ring that he could enjoy as it ages.



Their unique wedding rings, created through the forging process with a ring base in common, were custom-made to fulfill each of their preferred designs, resulting in a set of rings exclusive to the couple.


"Da capo," a musical term meaning "to return to the beginning," symbolizes the couple's journey back to their roots, never forgetting their initial intentions as they embark on a wonderful married life together.


From the atelier, we wish the couple a lifetime of happiness.


Concierge: Kitagasaki

Fukuoka Atelier


Matching Forged Rings Customized to Preference