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Wedding and Engagement Rings Chosen for Timeless Simple Design and Sparkling Brilliance

Adjusting to personal preferences, the couple opted for rings that are not just visually appealing but also customized down to the choice of diamonds.


I'm introducing wedding and engagement rings that are so delightful, wearers will find themself smiling every time looking at hand.


Customization to Suit Both Styles

Initially, the couple desired an antique design.


The wedding band, "Martello," has a crafty feel with tool marks intentionally left inside.




The surface is finished with a simple "hairline" matte finish, considering wearing long time while maintaining the essence of a traditional wedding ring.


Although the couple did not prioritize a matching look initially, they were drawn to the aesthetic unity when the rings were paired.



The engagement ring, "Horn," features a solitary diamond in a simple design.


The band was adorned with a Stardust finish, enhancing its delicate, antique-like shimmer.


"I want to use my engagement ring for everyday wear." she noted.

Paired with the wedding ring, this layering elevates the elegance—a beautiful customization indeed!

Choosing a Unique and Personal Diamond

For everyday comfort, they preferred a diamond around 0.2ct.


In tune with the woman's birthday on February 5, a "0.205ct" diamond was chosen, which they found delightfully thoughtful.



"Carat" refers to the unit of weight for diamonds, so the number itself doesn't appear in the design.

However, this very subtlety allows for a highly personalized touch, resulting in an engagement ring filled with distinctive details that truly reflect their individuality.


Finally, the Time to Deliver to the Couple

Upon opening the ring box, the couple's radiant smiles were overwhelmingly joyful, making the moment unforgettable.




They were incredibly pleased with the star dust finish, predicting its potential popularity.


It's been a few months since the ring delivery, and soon it will be the day for meeting each other's families and their marriage registration.

I'm sure it turned out wonderfully and that their families will be delighted as well.


I wish that their life together will be as brilliant and full of sparkle.


Wishing you everlasting happiness!


Concierge: Nakazawa


Ginza Atelier


Wedding and Engagement Rings Chosen for Timeless Simple Design and Sparkling Brilliance