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Engagement Rings with a Floral Motif, Perfect for the Summer Season

As the townspeople begin to wear cooler clothes, it’s clear that early summer has arrived.


Looking around, the plants are starting to bloom with vibrant flowers, heralding the approach of summer.


Let me introduce you to rings with floral motifs that are perfect for the start of summer.


Elegance Embodied, Rings Radiating Brilliance



The "Iris," named after the gracefully tall iris flower, showcases the skilled craftsmanship of our artisans with milgrain and traditional Japanese engraving.


The iris, which carries the meaning "good news" in the language of flowers, is perfect for a proposal, conveying your profound feelings to your partner.



Gently Encasing Precious Elements



From our collection named after the beautiful, elongated form of the "Calla" lily, commonly seen in bridal scenes.


At ith, not only can you choose the design of the ring, but you can also select the diamond while envisioning the joyful face of your partner.


The design, which gently encases the thoughtfully chosen diamond, minimizes snags and is comfortable for daily wear.


To the Partner by Your Side



The lily, a symbol of beauty, is often described in the proverb, "Like a peony when standing, a tree peony when seated, and a lily when walking."


The "Lily" design features a lily bud about to bloom, with a diamond set high within its refined simplicity, shining exceptionally bright.


This timeless engagement ring carries the promise to always walk by your partner's side.



With a Vow to Support Each Other Throughout Life



The "Annabel," inspired by the hydrangea that blooms even after rain, symbolizes the large blooms that cluster together, representing tolerance, mutual respect, and family ties.


As you pledge your futures to each other, I hope you can build a wonderful relationship, always considering each other."





Summer-born partner, the season of your special day, and more...


This time, we introduced engagement rings featuring seasonal flowers that revive precious memories.


We hope these rings help you in your search and that you find the perfect ring filled with love for your partner.


Ginza Atelier Concierge Team

Ginza Atelier


Engagement Rings with a Floral Motif, Perfect for the Summer Season