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Engagement Rings Reflecting Preferences and Thoughts Unique to the Two of You

The couple came to our atelier interested in custom-made rings.

It was their first time looking at rings.


Before trying any rings on, the man shared, "Since we're doing this, I want us to have matching rings with originality, but I will choose according to her preferences."


I will introduce the rings chosen by this couple.

What the Couple Valued

During the fitting of various samples, it became clear that both valued "comfortable wear."


Despite having different daily preferences, they wanted to harmonize their wedding bands as much as possible. They cherished the feeling of wanting to match even a little.





They chose U-shape curve rings. The sharp and clean design, "Forte," was preferred by him, while she chose "Legato," which features a softer, rounder shape.


They deliberated on whether to have identical rings, but ultimately decided, "The design, which looks like it matches and also incorporates our individual tastes, really suits us!" They carefully chose a style that reflected their uniqueness.


Their joyful expressions were memorable.




The man's ring was made in sleek platinum, and the woman's in pink gold to blend beautifully with her skin tone.


Taking advantage of the form, which resembles holding hands, they opted for a mix of matte and polished finishes, allowing them to enjoy both aspects.


Unique Ideas from the Couple

The perfect fit for the couple, who also wanted to preserve a traditional ring look, was the lustrous "Hairline Finish," a simple yet elegant treatment.


By inversely placing the Hairline Finish, they imbued it with the meaning of "being one together."






They also thoroughly discussed how far to extend the Hairline Finish.


"What about making it reversible by extending it to the palm side?"

"That sounds fun! It'd be interesting to enjoy a different impression."

This unique idea led to a design enjoyable from two perspectives.








One-of-a-Kind Rings

These matching rings, embodying each person's preferences and the sentiments they cherish together, are truly one-of-a-kind.


After delivery, the man messaged, "I believe we have created a unique wedding ring that reflects our individuality."

Receiving a warm message made my heart swell with emotion.




It's been a little while since the delivery, but the rings should be settling in nicely.


I hope them enjoy the natural aging process of the rings as they wear them together.


We wish them both a lifetime of happiness from our atelier!





Concierge: Maedo

Ginza Atelier


Engagement Rings Reflecting Preferences and Thoughts Unique to the Two of You