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Stylish Matching Wedding Rings with a Contrast of Matte and Gloss

"The ring with a curve in pink gold is what we want!" said the couple who had a clear vision for their rings.

During various ring trials, they fell in love with a particular shape.


Today, I'll introduce the rings chosen by this couple.

Perfectly Fitting Exquisite Curves

As they tried on different shapes, it became clear that they both preferred rings with "a solid volume in a curved shape."


As they compared S-shape, U-shape, and V-shape curves, they found "the one!"





The couple chose "Grave," a ring with an exquisite shape: the top in a U-shape and the bottom in an asymmetrical V-shape.

They particularly liked the substantial volume and the comfortable fit on the hand.


She favored the subtly placed diamonds on the right side of the ring.


Color and Texture

During the fittings, the couple also liked rings with two-toned designs.


They debated whether to make the "Grave" shape in just pink gold or a combination of pink gold and platinum.

They discussed each option, imagining the impressions they would give and considering daily wear.





"Wouldn't it look stylish and like two colors if we just use one color but contrast matte and gloss?"

"Indeed, creating contrast with textures might be a great idea!"

Their unique vision started to take shape.


They decided to craft it in pink gold, honoring their original vision.






For the matte finish, they chose the deepest matte possible, the "honing" process, to ensure it contrasted with the gloss.


A slightly edgy diagonal line on the top serves as the boundary, allowing both textures to be enjoyed from the front view.


Custom-made Wedding Rings




At the moment of delivery, their happy expressions overflowed.

The gentle pink gold color matched their hands perfectly!


The matching wedding bands were crafted with a focus on the beauty of contrasting textures. The two textures that snuggle up so perfectly together are like the couple in love and they remind me once again that this design truly reflects the couple.






From now on, may these matching rings accompany them both as they create many wonderful memories together!


Wishing them everlasting happiness from the atelier!


Concierge: Maedo

Ginza Atelier


Stylish Matching Wedding Rings with a Contrast of Matte and Gloss