2024.06.05 Ginza

Wedding Rings Selected Without Compromise, Perfectly Pairing Both Preferences

During a wedding ring fitting at another brand, the couple realized that their preferences were quite different.


"Wondering if we can find some common ground with a custom-made option," they decided to visit the ith atelier.


Let me introduce you to a special pair they crafted together.


The Best Fit for Each Individual

The man chose a simple design that epitomizes a traditional wedding ring, while the woman opted for a design with curves that make her fingers look beautiful.

Their preferences became clear as they started trying on rings.




The man selected "Quattro," a ring that instantly felt right.


With distinct knuckles, he preferred a ring that wouldn’t bother him if it spun around at the base—its simplicity without any decoration was what he loved.




On the other hand, the woman chose "Mobius Due," a ring with a beautiful twisted curve.

The subtle brilliance of the three diamonds set at the twist was a particular point of attention.


Because it's something to wear for a lifetime, they chose without compromise, selecting shapes that suited their hands the best.


Expressing Pairness with Matching Matte Finishes

Although the collection's original designs were already beautiful, the couple was also drawn to the matte finish.


Given their different ring shapes, they decided to go for a chic "honing" matte finish for both rings.



The man’s ring was fully honed, giving it a more refined and composed look.


The woman’s ring incorporated both honing and a mirror finish, meticulously choosing even the transition points between the two textures, resulting in a ring full of careful details.



Finally, the rings were delivered to the couple.


The moment the finished rings were handed over and the couple smiled, I felt incredibly happy too.


As they wear the rings, small scratches will appear and a sheen will develop on the matte surface.

I look forward to seeing how the patina, representing the time spent together, will develop.


I would be delighted to see the rings again during maintenance, now tinted with the couple's unique color.



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Wedding Rings Selected Without Compromise, Perfectly Pairing Both Preferences