2024.05.27 Ginza

A Unique Wedding Ring Chosen Together by a Couple with Different Tastes

A wedding ring crafted based on the matching design "Ala."


Originally, the two of them had different preferences and particular tastes.


Yet, ultimately, they both agreed on a matching design, a special wedding ring that I will introduce.



Individual Preferences and Design

The delicately engraved feather motif and the vibrant combination of colors beautify "Ala," a wedding ring that means "wings."


The man was drawn to its unique design, which stands out even from a distance.



The unique sheen of the feather pattern and the sparkling platinum accents on the edges bring a sense of special depth and significance.


On the other hand, the woman preferred a design that blends softly and subtly with her hand.




By customizing it with an S-curve, it became a favorite design that gently fits the hand.


A matte finish was applied to the platinum on the edges, creating a soft and serene ring.


Even though it's the same "Ala," changing the finish allowed each ring to reflect their individual personalities.


A Unique Form of Partnership

Although the reasons and preferences for choosing "Ala" differed between them, it's wonderful how fate brought them together to have the same design crafted.


It reminded me of how both of them, previously walking separate paths, have come together as a family, similar to the form of their wedding rings.



Having recently registered their marriage, I imagine they are now enjoying their time together wearing their matching rings.


May the strong and gentle wings of their rings continue to accompany their days ahead.


Concierge: Nakazawa

Ginza Atelier


A Unique Wedding Ring Chosen Together by a Couple with Different Tastes