2022.12.09 Ohmiya

Cherished for a Lifetime: A Wedding Ring Reflecting Individual Preferences

The couple made a long journey from Fukushima to visit our atelier.


Before trying on any rings, they mentioned, "Most of the rings we liked turned out to be from ith”, naturally gravitating towards ith's designs.


Although their precise preferences were not clear initially, clarity emerged as they tried on various rings, identifying non-negotiable aspects such as comfort, sparkle, and decoration unique to each.

Uncompromised Preferences and a Unique Sense of Togetherness in Their Wedding Rings


The couple chose different rings. The man selected ”Marcato”, and the woman chose ”Tsuchime Haru”.


Typically, when opinions differ, the man tends to give in.


However, this was not the case for their wedding rings, an item meant to be worn forever.


After discussion, the shape was tailored to each of their preferences, while the color and width were coordinated to create a unique combination that is uniquely theirs.




Desiring a sense of matching, they added a star decoration on the front of each ring, symbolizing their connection.


The blue topaz stone set in the woman's ring, along with decorative engravings, is her birthstone.


The important wedding ring is finished in such a way that it can be worn as a protective charm.



The rings were delivered to Fukushima.


Although we couldn't hand them over directly, I hope the couple had a meaningful moment meeting their rings at home.


I wish for ith's rings to continue watching over them in Fukushima for years to come.


Concierge: Takayama

Ohmiya Atelier


Cherished for a Lifetime: A Wedding Ring Reflecting Individual Preferences