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Wedding Rings Connected by Peridot

Under the refreshing blue sky, a couple visited our atelier.


Through the process of trying on various rings, they made many discoveries and chose each detail with care, ultimately deciding on a special pair of rings adorned with peridot, which they selected together.

The Unique Design Chosen Together

The woman preferred designs that made her hands look beautiful in a manner befitting wedding rings, while the man wanted something modest with a bit of playfulness or meaningfulness in the design.


Despite trying on many rings, it was challenging to settle on the same design, yet they wished to match in style.


Eventually, the first ring both agreed on was "Forte".


The woman appreciated the gentle lines that beautified her hands, and the man liked the shape, resembling hand in hand, and its significance.


The woman also chose to add diamonds, enhancing the ring's special feel.


Peridot Set Together


With their wedding set in August, the couple opted for peridot, the birthstone of August, known for its soft green hue and beautiful meanings such as "love between a couple," "peace," "serenity," and "happiness."


By setting identical peridots in the same position, they created rings overflowing with tenderness that further symbolize their bond.


Rings That Always Remind Them of Each Other



The rings, designed to resemble hands holding each other, feature matching peridots on the side visible to each wearer.


The design, carefully selected with shared preferences, symbolizes the constant presence of one's partner.


Looking at these rings, they joked, "This will surely motivate us at work!"


May you continue to hold hands and share countless happy moments together.


Concierge: Takahashi

Omiya Atelier

Ohmiya Atelier


Wedding Rings Connected by Peridot