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Engagement and Wedding Rings Perfectly Matched to the Language of Sunflowers

The woman shared with a smile, "I love sunflowers!"


To which the man happily responded, "She brightens up my life just like a sunflower."


The couple was interested in a sunflower-themed engagement ring, "Girasole," and visited our atelier to see it.


An Engagement Ring Reminiscent of Sunflowers


At ith, we offer several engagement rings inspired by flowers, among them, "Girasole" is a ring with a glamour that seems to brighten everything around it.


The language of flowers for sunflowers is, "I only have eyes for you."


This phrase perfectly matches the couple who, through extensive discussions and understanding each other's true feelings, chose their ring.





Attention to Detail: Customizing the Palm Side of the Ring

For the engagement ring, the woman was interested in incorporating "stardust," a finish that resembles the twinkling of stars.


By extending the stardust finish from the diamond towards the palm side, the ring was designed to uplift spirits from every angle.




Engraving: A Surprise Until the Proposal


The engraving inside the ring was chosen as a surprise message from the man to the woman.


"Your Smile is my Happiness"


A message perfectly suited for the woman who, like a sunflower, always smiles.



Just thinking about the message he conveyed on the proposal day and imagining her bursting into laughter makes me feel incredibly happy too.


Valuing Matching Styles in Wedding Rings


The couple selected "Cantabile" for their wedding bands.


The woman's favorite aspect was the bridal essence of the ring.


Its simple yet delicate design complements the engagement ring beautifully when stacked together.


The man, valuing the bridal feel while also wanting to match with the woman, chose the same design.


Even now, when I recall the moment they held the rings and their smiles shone as brightly as sunflowers, it brightens my mood as well.


May you both continue to share bright, joyful, and happy moments together!


Concierge: Takahashi

Ohmiya Atelier


Engagement and Wedding Rings Perfectly Matched to the Language of Sunflowers