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Colorful, Unique Engagement Rings for the Two of You

The first time we met was in early spring, when a bit of winter chill still lingered.


"The engagement ring should be something vibrant and special!" the man mentioned, which was quite memorable.


Together, they both enjoyed comparing many engagement rings while engaging in friendly conversation.



The ring that captured their hearts is called "Fiore," meaning 'flower' in Italian.


Valuing originality, what they both focused on most was the customization with birthstones.


The man’s birthstone, peridot for August.

The woman’s birthstone, diamond for April.



TThe woman, inspired by her own name, chose to set a blue diamond to provide a special, yet subtle and gentle hue.


It was fun discussing where to place the birthstones while using colored pencils.


"Let’s enjoy the brilliance of a white diamond at the center," they decided, and chose to set the birthstones on the sides.



And for the main stone of the engagement ring, a white diamond to symbolize the man's enduring love.

They chose a 0.408ct diamond, the same as the woman’s birthday.


The man’s love and commitment, the woman’s desire for a ring she'd love to wear all her life.

The engagement ring was completed with both of their feelings in mind.



This precious engagement ring symbolizes their promises to each other for the future.


The woman mentioned she loves flowers.

May the "Fiore," always gently blooming at her hand, be nurtured by their abundant love.


Wishing their happiness forever.


Concierge: Amemiya

Omotesando Atelier


Colorful, Unique Engagement Rings for the Two of You