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Choosing a Wedding Ring for Every Life Moment

Wedding rings are meant to accompany you throughout your life, through calm days, busy times, and as you age gracefully together.


We crafted the one piece of jewellery that sparkles on left hand no matter the life scenario, crafted to be worn every day.



Before visiting ith, the couple tried on various wedding ring designs from different brands.


Initially, they were drawn to designs featuring two-tone colors, but as they explored more options at ith, their preferences evolved.


"It’s not just about what we like right now, we need to think about all future scenarios."




For instance, if we were to have children, or as our hands naturally change with age.


Imagining different life stages led them to choose the delicate and beautifully engraved "Piuma."




After much consideration about the metal hue that would best complement their skin tones and enhance the gentle shine of the "Piuma" engraving, they settled on yellow gold.


Additionally, their rings feature aquamarine, the birthstone for March, the month of their marriage registration.




For her, the gemstone is placed where it can always be seen, while for him, it is set inside the band, a private symbol of their commitment.



It's been four months since the rings were delivered. Have you gotten used to them being a part of your daily life?



 "Piuma" motif, representing feathers, is also symbol of protection.


May these rings continue to safeguard and witness their shared journey, whatever life brings their way.


Looking forward to our next meeting.


Concierge: Yamamoto

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Choosing a Wedding Ring for Every Life Moment