2024.07.07 Omotesando

Matching Wedding Rings to Stylishly Brighten Every Day


On their trip where the proposal took place, they came directly to ith to have their rings made.


The man, slightly shy, held a large bouquet, while the woman's hand sparkled with her engagement ring.


The couple's image was a "stylish ring."


Because they are worn every day, they were looking for rings that brighten their mood every time they see them.


The couple chose the "Colore" design, which features an impressive combination of platinum and gold colors.


The decorative edging and the distinctive hammered texture perfectly matched their stylish sensibilities.


To further tailor the rings to their vision, customization was made.


While they liked the hammered texture, they preferred a softer impression, so the texture was modified to a soft and rounded "Tsuchime Kunpu" finish.


For the woman's ring, diamonds were added to enhance its sparkle, with special attention given to the setting style of the diamonds.



The engagement ring gifted by the man features a large central diamond flanked by two smaller diamonds.


This design was seamlessly integrated into the wedding rings, resulting in stylish rings that also reflect the couple's personal story.



"Colore" means "color" in Italian.


I hope that the days ahead, adorned with their matching rings, are filled with vibrant and colorful moments.


I wish you many years of happiness!


Concierge: Yamamoto


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Matching Wedding Rings to Stylishly Brighten Every Day