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A golden flower on your finger: crafted perfectly overlapping wedding and engagement rings

"We like antique designs," "We want our wedding rings to match," "We plan to wear the engagement ring stacked often," and "We want diamonds in our wedding rings." These are the many wishes of a couple who came to ith's online atelier for their rings.

The engagement ring was already chosen by the lady, who had found her favorite design.


The beloved "Fiore," meaning "flower" in Italian, features a design reminiscent of a large bloom, with the center diamond and leaf-shaped arms adorned with decorations.


Appreciating its antique style, it was crafted in yellow gold.

The leaf parts are adorned with milgrain, a decoration technique used in jewellery making for centuries. The meticulous arrangement of tiny beads is applied by hand, allowing a glimpse into the artisan's skill.





The chosen wedding rings, "Con moto," feature a V-shape form that fits perfectly with the engagement ring when stacked.


Considering pairing it with an antique engagement ring, we crafted it simply with a polished mirror finish.

The combination of different styles balances well when worn together.






The V-shape elongates the look from the base to the second knuckle, enhancing the beauty of the hand.


The slim band offers a sleek appearance, and the curve ensures comfort when gripping objects.

Comfort is crucial for something worn over a long time.





After delivery, we received a message saying, "We're so happy with the beautiful finish!" It's a joy to know the couple was pleased.


May you create many wonderful memories with your rings.

Wishing you everlasting happiness!


Concierge: Onodera



Male: Wedding Ring "Con moto" / Pt900 (Platinum)

Female: Wedding Ring "Con moto" / K18YG (Yellow Gold)

Female: Engagement Ring "Fiore" / K18YG (Yellow Gold)

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A golden flower on your finger: crafted perfectly overlapping wedding and engagement rings