10th Anniversary / Greetings from ith Founder, Ayu Takahashi

On June 4, 2024, ith celebrates its 10th anniversary.


We have reached this milestone thanks to the support of everyone who has visited our atelier, our colleagues, and our craftsmen.


Looking back on the past ten years, I feel that as we faced and took on each challenge one by one, the path we should take gradually became clear. Despite experiencing detours and dead ends, I want to continue steadily moving forward without stopping.


When ith first started with the idea of creating made-to-order wedding bands, it was a trial-and-error process to figure out what to prepare. In the early days, there was no time to think about what I could do or what was good about our brand, let alone envision an ideal image. Each day was about tackling whatever was in front of me as it came.


I spent a lot of time thinking about and creating rings for customers to try on in the atelier and wondering how to make their time spent in the atelier enjoyable. The first few years were about moving forward with enthusiasm, even though I didn't know the right answers.


"Cherish one, rather than many."


This phrase reflects ith's approach to craftsmanship, which we established during those early days. It embodies our determination to not be swayed by many things but to always remember the responsibility of creating lifelong wedding rings and to face each ring and customer with sincerity. This phrase remains a cherished foundation for everyone involved with ith.


As we expanded our ateliers and added more members, we realized the importance of genuinely engaging with our customers. This, we felt, is the true value of ith.


To create truly cherished rings for the wearers, we offer a variety of ring forms, surface textures, and cross-sectional shapes for customers to try on in our atelier. We encourage our customers to enjoy the process of creating made-to-order rings by allowing them as much freedom as possible in combining these elements, rather than limiting them to a few patterns. Our craftsmen support customers in exploring their design preferences through the fitting process.

This approach, born from our commitment to meeting and understanding the diverse needs of our customers, has become characteristic of ith.


I believe that this form of engagement stems from leveraging the strengths of everyone involved with the rings. The unique experiences and personalities of our craftsmen and the specialized production techniques of our artisans were essential in building today's ith.


The irreplaceable value created by the collective strength of everyone working together in the same direction is something that I could never have achieved alone.


These past ten years have shown us a glimpse of the future by connecting everything we've done. As we move forward, we aim to protect what is important, remain flexible, and grow without fear of change. We want ith to continue growing with the belief that "we can make it happen."


"Cherish one, rather than many."

We will continue to dedicate ourselves to craftsmanship with sincerity.


ith Founder: Ayu Takahashi




10th Anniversary / Greetings from ith Founder, Ayu Takahashi