2023.12.03 Nagoya

Christmas Atmosphere at Nagoya Sakae Atelier

December 25, 2023

Christmas is just around the corner.


This year's Sakae Atelier is dressed in red as its main theme.

Other colors like gold, green, and white also contribute to the Christmas mood.


Let me introduce you to the Christmas at Sakae Atelier.



Firstly, the front entrance that welcomes our customers.

While in previous years we decorated with swags, this year we opted for wreaths.


The wreaths feature striking, large red ribbons, capturing the attention of passersby and resulting in a beautiful finish.




Next, a signature feature of the Sakae Atelier, the huge glass domes, have been given a Christmas makeover this year!


There are four large glass domes in total, each with different contents inside.


My favorite one is here.




The combination of red berries and ornaments is perfect.

The real thing is much more beautiful than in photos, so I highly recommend seeing it for yourself.



Additionally, next to couples choosing rings, there are alcohol lamps adorned with mini wreaths.

At night, the small flames are lit.


"With the flickering flame and drifting scent, we hope to provide a calming atmosphere for enjoying the selection of rings..."


That's the thought behind it.





By the way, the Street in front of the Sakae Atelier hosts annual illuminations. This year, the theme color has been changed to "Champagne Gold."


The dazzling gold lights amplify the excitement leading up to Christmas.




Please visit our atelier!



Concierge: Matsukawa

Nagoya Sakae Atelier


Christmas Atmosphere at Nagoya Sakae Atelier