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Adorable Wedding Rings That Herald the Arrival of Autumn

As the daytime heat subsides and the autumn breeze becomes pleasant, we often find ourselves gazing at skies adorned with little clouds.


Have you noticed how clouds take on various names like "scale clouds" or "mackerel skies" based on their shapes and heights? Among them, are you familiar with "cumulus clouds"?



Cumulus clouds, larger than scale clouds, resemble a flock of fluffy sheep.


Within ith's collection, we have designs reminiscent of these adorable cumulus clouds that I'd love to introduce to you.




Meet the charmingly fluffy "Bolla"



"Bolla" meaning "bubble" in Italian, features a design akin to a string of bubbles, mirroring the cute appearance of cumulus clouds seen in autumn.


It's imbued with the hope that "with each passing year, your happiness together will soar," evoking the image of clouds floating in the sky.




The Dedication of Female Artisans




This design overflows with the playfulness unique to female artisans.


The women's collection varies in diamond sizes, envisioning the dance of bubbles.


A closer look reveals the "hairline" matte finish, spiraling around like circles, adding to its distinctiveness.


The men's collection, with its straight hairline, may remind you of the endless sky.


Linking such everyday moments to ring selection can add an element of fun.



ith offers many designs filled with whimsy and unusual shapes beyond "Bolla".


We encourage you to find rings that evoke memories or represent something you love.



Kurosaka, Concierge

Nagoya Sakae Atelier

Nagoya Sakae Atelier


Adorable Wedding Rings That Herald the Arrival of Autumn