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Matching wedding rings that are your choice and commitment.

I've been to so many brands.

I have been to many brands, but there are some that I wish were better. and they were interested in custom-made

The couple was interested in custom-made jewelry because they had visited many brands, but they felt there was something they wished they could have done better.


Through a strange coincidence, I was put in charge of the couple's ring

I was able to help them create their rings.


We would like to introduce their rings to you this time.

Matching the couple's preferences

The couple happily tried on many rings to match their tastes.


As they compared various designs

We found that they both liked the curves and the sparkling engraved patterns.

"I love the curve of the ring!



The one we chose was the "Marquardt". and they chose the " Marcato " design.

This ring is meant to be a "sign of the couple.


We loved the S-curve shape of the ring.

the shape of the S-curve, which gently blends in with your hand.




On the top of the ring

the top of the ring is carved with a pattern of "Elba".

the top of the ring is carved in the Japanese style, which adds a unique sparkle.


A man who prefers a calm atmosphere.

We applied a "hairline" mat to the carved part

the design was more to his liking.


Confirming the position of the diamond on the prototype ring

I want to put a diamond in this design!

Where should I put it? and "Where should we set the diamond?

The couple consulted with each other carefully.


While thinking about how the ring would look

I was very impressed by their friendly conversation

I was left with a very strong impression.



The woman's ring was designed

the center of the ring so that the diamond's brilliance can be enjoyed.

The man's ring, on the other hand

The man's ring is casually clasped on the side.

the "fruit" of the carved pattern of the laurel tree.


In order to confirm the actual position of the diamond and

and the overall image of the ring.

We made a prototype ring to check the overall image and the actual position of the diamonds.


It seemed to match the image of what they wanted perfectly

They were both relieved to see that it matched their desired image perfectly, and we started the final production.


Matching wedding rings


After careful consultation, we arrived at

A wedding ring that is unique to the couple.

Once again, we are very happy to have been able to support you in the creation of your rings.

I am truly happy to have been able to support the creation of the rings.


I hope that the matching rings will continue to shine as a "sign of the two of you.

may they continue to shine in your hands as a "sign of the two of you".


We look forward to seeing you again!


Maedo Maedo, creator


Customer's Voice





Matching wedding rings that are your choice and commitment.