2023.01.31 Singapore

A wedding band that symbolise hand holding notion

The couple wanted to have matching wedding bands.

"We do not wear jewelry in our lifestyle, we want a ring that is simple and comfortable to wear."



The couple chose "Moderato".

When she first tried on " Moderato ", she loved it. 

"This is nice! I like it!"


The couple loved the shape of Moderato, symbolizing two hands holding one another in a calm manner.

They find the meaning behind this ring related and unique to them.

The ring is round and plump which makes it comfortable to wear. 

"It fits my finger well because of its unique shape."


5 Stars in the sky.

She also liked " Piacere " for its jumpy diamond setting, so we decided to add 5 diamonds on the right hand

to create the effect of stars in the sky.


Different bullion to highlight individuality. 

The couple has chosen a different bullion to show their own personalities. 

He chose yellow gold as he wanted to have a "traditional" look on his ring.

While she chose rose gold as it is beautifully suited to her. 


I wish for the couple continuously hold hands as they grow old together.





Singapore Atelier: Alicia


A wedding band that symbolise hand holding notion