2023.02.07 Singapore

Our "made-to-order" ring making process

How do you design your "made-to-order" ring?

Our customers tend to have a question like this,

so we are going to show you briefly how the process works.




Before visiting our atelier, you may visit our website to book an appointment on your preferred date and time.

The average consultation duration for ring selection is approximately 2 hours, kindly allow plenty of time for your visit. 


If you visit us without an appointment, we can show you around if there are seats available.

After you have booked an appointment, we will send you an email confirmation with a link for you to register an account on the web. 


There will be an online counseling question for you, and by answering the questions we will gradually uncover your preferences and requests.

Creating a space for two

Once you and your partner arrive at the atelier, we will first assist both of you to a seat.


We have cozy semi-opened rooms for you to relax and make yourself feel comfortable.

You will see a square sheet on the table, it is a little introduction about who we are. 

Discover your preferences together 

At ith, there will not be any ring display like your regular retail shopping. 

Feel free to let us know what ideas or preferences you have for your ring.


If you have a specific image in mind, do show it to us and we would love to hear your story.

Trying on over 100 types of our collection rings


While freely trying on the rings lined up in front of you, our concierge will support you in

narrowing down not only the look but also the comfort and design that will suit you best.

Once you have decided on a base design, we will look into the details such as the shape, number of diamonds, metal and texture that can be customized to suit your tastes and preferences.

We would be giving in our suggestions as well to assist you with the design.

and finally

Once the ring design is finalized, we will prepare a quotation.

It would take 8 to 10 weeks to complete the ring.



We hope that the ring selection process becomes a wonderful memory for you and your partner.


Singapore Atelier: Alicia & Chai


Our "made-to-order" ring making process