2023.03.27 Singapore

The rings that reminds them of their home

The proposal was in Tokyo, Japan in the fall of 2022.

Later on, she happened to find us on Instagram.
A Japanese brand, that happened to open at the same time as their proposal.


They chose " Roccia

They made it clear that they wanted a straight, thick, and wide ring.

They've had their eye on "Pesante" the whole time, 

but as we continued to discuss the texture of their rings, "Roccia",  meaning "Rock" in Italian,

reminded them of their home in UK, surrounded by rocks.


This concept drew their attention to other textures

"Feels like home" was an exact representation of the feelings and impressions

the couple wanted to convey with the ring.

He chose "Roccia"'s low dome ring profile, because he wanted it to be comfortable as the first ring he would wear.


She wanted to adopt the ring profile of ”Pesante, a high dome ring with a 3.5mm width,

for more elegant looks than the original collection.


We hope that the ring will bring back memories over the years and make their relationship as strong as a rock.




Singapore Atelier: Chai

Customer's Voice

Thank you all for the wonderful experience and the very special rings for us.


The rings that reminds them of their home