2024.06.18 Singapore

A Moonlit Promise


When they first discovered us online, they were drawn to our unique selection of engagement rings that are customisable. From the outset, they knew exactly what they wanted—a ring that featured a Moonstone as the centre stone. This wasn't a surprise proposal, it was a heartfelt collaboration between the couple. They were determined to be the creators of their special ring. 


Moonstone holds a special place in their hearts. While it's not their birthstone, its ethereal beauty and lunar significance resonate deeply with them. She is a true Moonstone enthusiast, she owns several Moonstone accessory rings all in cabochon settings and is knowledgeable about this enchanting gem.






Nostalgia vs What Your Heart Desires



As they browsed through our collections, their eyes lit up when they saw the "Moon" ring—an instant favourite they had admired online. They loved the name and design, but their exploration did not stop there. She tried on the "Horn" ring, which reminded her fondly of her mother's ring. While this brought a sense of nostalgia, she desired a design that truly represented her unique style and one that future generations would cherish just as she cherishes her mother's.


Their attention soon shifted to the "Edera" ring. She was captivated by its delicate curves and slender design, reminiscent of a crescent moon—a subtle nod to their love for all things lunar. However, she was uncertain about the side stones and inquired if they could be removed to let the center stone shine on its own.


In the end, they chose the "Edera" ring to be set with a round brilliant Royal Blue Moonstone, opting for a minimalist design without side melee stones. This choice perfectly captured their vision—a beautiful representation of their love, highlighted by the serene glow of Moonstone.







The quest for the perfect stone was meticulous. The couple was involved every step of the way, from selecting the initial moonstones to requesting recuts for perfect symmetry. We specially shipped the moonstones from Japan to Singapore for them to view in person, ensuring every detail was aligned with their vision.


This story is a testament to the magic of creating a ring that not only symbolises their commitment but also holds a deep, personal significance. We are honored to be part of their journey and to create a ring together with them that they will treasure forever.




Singapore Atelier: Claire


A Moonlit Promise