2023.12.28 Jewellery Column

Creation born from dialogue

To coincide with a ith's milestone, we shot a new ring and image cuts.

We asked Ms. Yuko Torisu as a photographer to convey a more ith-like atmosphere.  Her soft, feminine atmosphere and the ability to convey unspoken stories and backgrounds of the subjects that made me decide to entrust the work to her.


Creating images through dialogue

The first step was to hold meetings while having them visit our ateliers in Tokyo.

After informing them of the basic requirements, Ms. Torisu seemed to be developing an image of the shoot through conversations with ith representative Takahashi, sensing ith's thoughts on rings and the story of the rings.

The conversation led to the concept and specific images for the shooting, and after a rehearsal shooting, we proceeded to the actual shooting.

An ambience created by professional work

The photo shooting began early in the morning, and under Ms. Torisu's direction, the shooting proceeded at a brisk pace, with the staff adjusting the lighting conditions and staging the background, as well as the shooting assistants, working in tandem.

Based on the data collected during rehearsals, such as the lighting conditions at different times of the day and the positioning of the subject and background objects, the optimal shooting conditions were created based on the conditions on the day.

What impressed me the most this time was how each staff member's work functions seamlessly, resulting in the creation of the desired visuals and ambience.

There was a definite "skill" in realizing the ambiguity of atmosphere and image into a concrete form, something that can truly be called "professional work".


Creation born from dialogue

This is one of the image she photographed.

I believe that by using "Piuma" with the delicate motif of feathers and "Bolla" with the image of soap bubbles, along with the craftsmanship and playful design sensibility applied by the craftman, we were able to express the softness and gentleness inherent in ith's rings.

Through dialogue, we were able to get a clear picture of what we wanted to convey, which was then realized through the professional work.

And this can be said to be exactly the same approach that ith's aims for in creating engagement and wedding rings for customers.

While photography and jewellery are different outputs, I am reminded that their approach is common in the sense of creation.

Creating together with our customers.

We want to continue to amplify and share what we want to convey and deliver, with the help of various creators who share the same vector.



ith director: Yoshida


Creation born from dialogue