2023.12.22 Jewellery Column

Precious diamonds passed down from parents

Remaking with diamonds passed down from parents to children

At ith, we accept diamonds brought in to be made into rings.

For example, a woman may bring in a diamond she has passed down from her family for her engagement ring, or a man's mother or grandmother may bring in a diamond that has been passed down from generation to generation for his new bride. I think this is a wonderful idea.

I believe that one of the charms of jewellery is that it can be cared for to be worn for years. Also, I believe that jewellery is not something that is consumed instantly, but can be maintained and changed in shape and worn even after it becomes old, and can be held on to with memories over time.

Since I was a small child, I have always wanted to work in the jewellery industry, perhaps because I was attracted to the timeless and stable appeal of gemstones and precious metals as materials.

The memories with customer who brought in a rare diamond

At Ginza atelier, I have an experience with a customer who brought in a rare diamond to be remade.

The gem that a customer brought to the atelier is a diamond cherished by her grandmother. A 0.9-carat diamond with a powerful appearance and colored LIGHT BROWNISH YELLOW.

She wanted to remake the design and wear it as her own ring, so I had her try on all the ith collection rings first.

After trying on various rings, we decided to use the " Calla " ring as the basis for the design, as she preferred gold as the base metal, symmetrical and large in size, and smooth without any snagging.

The "Calla" ring is originally a solitaire design with a single diamond in the center.

The diamond she brought in was 2mm larger in diameter than the one in the collection, so we had to make an effort to place two diamonds where there would be space in the center because of the larger size.

I remember that we spent a lot of time to come up with a design that would make the most of the precious diamonds she had brought in, while keeping the overall image of the ring the same.

It took us about one month from our first meeting to decide on the design, and about three months in total to complete the entire process until delivery.

Trying on samples to find the ideal design

Customers who want to remake but have trouble coming up with a design, or are unsure of what shape would suit them best, don't worry.

The remaking consultation starts by trying on the many ith collection rings to get an idea of what you like. By trying on the rings, the customer's understanding of the rings will deepen, and the concierge will be able to grasp the customer's preferences. ith's ring selection is a process of taking the time to give concrete shape to your preferences.

The process of creating the ring just for two


An engagement ring has a special meaning: a proof of a marriage proposal and a promise that you will become a family.  I think it's wonderful to imbue meaning into the diamonds used for that special ring.

I hope that she will continue to wear the ring with care in the future, and that one day it will be passed down from generation to generation.

Concierge: Ayu Takahashi



Precious diamonds passed down from parents