2020.06.11 Jewellery Column

Discover Unique Interiors at ith's Ateliers Vol.1 (Kichijoji, Omotesando, Yokohama Motomachi, Kashiwa)


Choosing a Special Ring in a Hideaway Atelier


ith began with a single female artisan opening an atelier that doubles as a ring workshop and reception room.

It all started with arranging flowers on an antique table, aiming to provide the warmest hospitality possible.

While not a dazzling jewellery store front, we cherish the warmth unique to an atelier.

The relaxed and tranquil interior, reminiscent of a secret cafe, ensures a cozy environment where couples can enjoy customizing their rings.

"Visiting the atelier of a female artisan who is a friend" - without pretense or hesitation, we offer a space where you can touch and feel many rings at your leisure while seated comfortably.

Tailoring to the unique personality of each of the eight locations, ith's ateliers feature distinctive interiors, with this volume highlighting Kichijoji, Omotesando, Yokohama Motomachi, and Kashiwa.




Kichijoji Atelier: A Warm Welcome in an Antique Mood


Renovated by our own hands, the antique ambiance of the Kichijoji Atelier is where ith's crafting began, with the founder Takahashi starting as the sole artisan in customer service and production.

Kichijoji, a town cherished by those who enjoy life, embodies a spirit of "being oneself, freely."

Just like the atmosphere of the Kichijoji area, many customers come here wanting to enjoy ring-making in a way that's true to themselves.

Enjoy custom ring orders in a space filled with antique interiors and comfort.

Access to ith Kichijoji Atelier



Omotesando Atelier: A Wonderous Space Like Out of a Picture Book


Despite being close to the bustling Omotesando-Jingumae intersection, the Onden Shopping Street exudes a calm atmosphere.

Ascend the building's stairs to find a space as if leaping into a storybook.


The Scandinavian-style interior, with its pop yet calm colors, makes one feel bright.

Each room has its own character and distinct expression, offering the enjoyment of a mysterious layout as if wandering through a labyrinth.

Escape the city's bustle in this leisurely, extraordinary space and immerse yourself in ring selection.

Access to ith Omotesando Atelier




Yokohama Motomachi Atelier: A Deep Blue World Like the Ocean


Near the port in the Motomachi Shopping Street of Yokohama, stepping off the cobblestone main street reveals a space with deep blue tiles.

The marine mood of the blue makes the Yokohama Motomachi Atelier stand out.

The chic and serene color scheme of the atelier resembles a painting.

Surrounded by deep blue, you can leisurely enjoy choosing a ring in this refreshing, adult sanctuary.

Access to ith Yokohama Motomachi Atelier




Kashiwa Atelier: A Chapel-like Atmosphere of Happiness



A short walk from Kashiwa station, in a residential area, is the St. Margaret's Cathedral, where the sound of happy bells echoes.

Right next door is the Kashiwa Atelier.


Gently welcoming you are the tenderly cared-for greens.

The spacious and solemn yet friendly space is decorated with cute, church-motif interiors, overflowing with a sense of well-being that allows for a relaxed yet special ring selection experience.

Choosing rings while listening to the chapel bells may become a happy memory as you think about your new life together.

Access to ith Kashiwa Atelier




Making the Experience of Choosing Rings a Memory


In an atelier that aligns with the mood of the town and allows you to comfortably be yourselves, make the once-in-a-lifetime selection of wedding and engagement rings a fun memory.

At ith's ateliers, a dedicated "concierge" connects you with the artisans, carefully listening to your preferences and wishes while assisting in the ring-making process.

Customers, concierges, and artisans together form a team to craft custom-made rings.

We aim to create comfortable ateliers with a relaxed atmosphere where the experience of choosing rings becomes enjoyable.

Please come to the atelier with the excitement as if visiting a friend's house.


Discover Unique Interiors at ith's Ateliers Vol.1 (Kichijoji, Omotesando, Yokohama Motomachi, Kashiwa)