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Enriching Wedding Rings with Birthstones: September to November Edition


Adding Your Unique Colors with Birthstones to Your Rings


While diamonds remain the traditional choice for wedding and engagement rings, there's growing interest in colored gemstones.

More couples are choosing non-diamond gems for their rings, incorporating stones that have a personal significance or simply because they love the color.


Including a meaningful birthstone in your wedding or engagement ring can make it even more special.

We are pleased to introduce sapphire, tourmaline, and topaz, the birthstones for the months of September-November.

They will symbolize a milestone not only for those born during the months, but also for couples who have joined a registry or started a relationship during this season of leisure activities.


September: Sapphire


Sapphire is renowned for its rich blue color. It is often chosen as the "something blue" that brides are traditionally encouraged to wear, making it a popular choice.

Sapphire carries the meanings of "benevolence," "sincerity," and "reputation for virtue."

It also symbolizes steadfast love, making it an ideal gemstone for wedding and engagement rings that embody a couple's love.

Sapphire belongs to the corundum family, like ruby, with all colors except red (reserved for ruby) classified as sapphire.

While the classic color of sapphire is blue, it also comes in a variety of other hues including pink, yellow, and orange.


The hardness of sapphire also makes it ideal for bridal rings that are meant to be worn indefinitely,



October: Tourmaline

Tourmaline is known for its rich color variations and is often referred to as a "gemstone of many colors."

Its colors provide a delightful array of choices for personalization.

Its meanings include "joy in the heart," "comfort," and "endurance," with an attribute to attract love, making it a perfect stone for commitment rings.

In Japan, tourmaline is known as "electric stone" due to its ability to become electrically charged. This property is utilized in healthcare products.




November: Topaz


Topaz is well-known for its yellow color.


In reality, besides yellow, there are various other colors available, and you can choose blue or pink according to your preference.

The gemstone is associated with the meanings of "friendship," "fraternity," "hope," and "innocence." It is considered a stone that nurtures sincerity, making it an ideal choice as a protective talisman in marriage and work-related contexts.

Topaz is a high-hardness gemstone, but it has a property known as cleavage, which means it can split along a specific direction if struck with enough force. It's advisable to wear topaz carefully, avoiding impacts or striking it against hard objects to prevent damage.



Infusing Amulets with Wishes


If you're unsure because your birthstone isn't in a color you love, consider selecting a colored stone based on its hue and the meaning behind it.

Choosing a piece that feels uniquely you can deepen the attachment. When selecting a gemstone for your marriage, don't just focus on the date; consider the meanings associated with different stones, your favorite colors, or lucky colors. Enjoy the process of finding a gemstone that symbolizes your hopes and dreams for your married life together.

At ith's atelier, our "concierges" are here to guide you through finding the perfect colored stone, ensuring it's a fit for both of you.



Each natural stone has unique properties and durability.

Our craftsmen will carefully assess whether the chosen stone can withstand long-term wear before proceeding with creation.

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Enriching Wedding Rings with Birthstones: September to November Edition