2020.11.07 Jewellery Column

Winter Birthstones for Wedding Rings 【December-February Edition】

Adding Memories Together

As the cold deepens with the advance of autumn, making our breath visibly frosty in the mornings and evenings, December, January, and February bring us closer to a season filled with special celebrations.

For those born in winter or couples who have cherished memories of Christmas or Valentine's spent together, incorporating the month's color stone into your rings can make them feel even more unique and special.

This time, we introduce the winter birthstones: Tanzanite, Garnet, and Amethyst for December, January, and February, respectively.



December Birthstone: Tanzanite




Named after the beautiful gradient seen from dusk to night around Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Tanzanite's enchanting violet color is its allure.


It's a commercial name for the blue variety of Zoisite found only in Tanzania.

The stone symbolizes "success" and is believed to "guide life towards a positive direction," making it fitting for couples embarking on new journeys.

However, Tanzanite has a lower hardness and is among the more easily damaged gems, possessing a characteristic called "cleavage" which makes it particularly prone to splitting in certain directions, thus requiring careful handling.




January Birthstone: Garnet


Garnet is well-known for its deep red color, but it also comes in green and orange.


Its vibrant color doesn't fade even without heat treatment, offering a natural and transparent beauty.

The gem symbolizes "chastity," "truth," "friendship," and "fidelity," embodying "trust and love."

With high durability, it is suitable for daily wear, making it perfect for wedding rings.



February Birthstone: Amethyst


Amethyst, a type of quartz, is historically revered and used as a protective amulet and in ceremonies for its noble purple color.

The gem's meanings include "sincerity" and "peace of mind."

It's also known as the "guardian stone of love," ideal for signifying the completion of love.

Believed to have strong healing effects, Amethyst can calm high spirits and promote calmness, serving as a protective charm for couples.



Choosing a Birthstone with Meaning

We often hear in our atelier, "I don't particularly like my birthstone."

There's no rule that you must choose your birthstone for your ring.

Picking a stone that represents you, whether it be your favorite color, lucky color, a word that resonates with you, or your partner's birthstone, adds a personal touch to your ring.


At ith, our craftsmen, who also assist in designing the rings, support selecting the perfect gemstone to ensure it suits long-term wear for your wedding ring.

Each stone's characteristics, including durability, will be carefully considered before crafting your ring.


At ith's atelier, we offer a wide range of color stones, from small accents to main stones for engagement rings. Feel free to consult us for your custom design.


Winter Birthstones for Wedding Rings 【December-February Edition】