2023.08.31 Yokohama

Custom-made wedding rings that fulfill the unique preferences of both

"Even if they don't end up looking exactly the same, we want to create special rings that have a sense of unity."


The couple's encounter with ith happened through Instagram, drawn by the ambiance and worldview of the rings showcased.


The couple shared their desire for their lifelong wedding rings to have some connection, be it in the name or the meaning behind them, even if their tastes differed.


What they compassionately agreed upon was a wedding ring design called "Loto."


Commitment to Wedding Bands




The "Loto", inspired by the lotus flower floating on the water surface, features milgrain and diamonds encircling the center of each ring.


The surface is finished with a random semi-matte texture, softening the appearance of the hand.





Milgrain is a delicate antique-style decoration characterized by its granular texture.


The diamonds are set with rail setting, sandwiched by metal on both sides, adding to the delicate feel.


The couple was very fond of the playful design unique to a female artisan's sensibility and the soft texture that enhances the beauty of the wearer's hand.




For the man, the choice was platinum from the start, to ensure the ring was suitable for daily wear, even at work.


For the woman, given her preference for the sparkle of diamonds and wanting to maintain a matching look with her partner, the palm side of her ring was customized with milgrain, allowing both designs to be enjoyed.



Wedding Rings to Wear as a Pair




The impression of their own and each other's hands, as well as the reflection of the two together in front of a mirror.


Through many angles of trying on, the special feeling of having matching rings grew stronger.




Through custom-making, it was possible to fulfill the special feeling found during the fitting process along with their own preferences.


Initially, there were concerns about the colors not matching, but by harmonizing the shapes and decorations, the rings became unified in appearance.


The Couple's Future



The rings were delivered a week before their registration date.


Upon receiving the rings, they met them with a tense expression, but seeing each other wearing the rings brought a warm and joyful feeling.






Because they are wedding rings meant to last a lifetime, the wonderful aspect of custom-made options is being able to fulfill specific desires, something I've been reminded of through the experiences of couples.


I hope the rings accompany you in creating many more memories together.


Looking forward to seeing you again for maintenance.



Yokohama Atelier


Custom-made wedding rings that fulfill the unique preferences of both