2023.11.10 Ginza

Wedding Rings That Complement the Couple's Natural Demeanor

"May we take a little peek?"

With those words, they gently opened the door to our atelier.


Initially nervous, their expressions gradually brightened as we progressed through the ring try-ons. This noticeable change in their demeanor was very striking.



A Design Unique to Them:  'Tree' Motif


Among the many designs they tried on, they discovered "Foresta."


Crafted with a wood grain pattern engraved by artisans into each ring, "Foresta" is characterized by its natural texture.


"We can feel the craftsmanship, but it's not too assertive and blends well with the hand," they both appreciated.


Interestingly, both of their names contain the character for 'tree,' making this design feel even more special and connected to their identities.


Rings Filled with Personal Touches

While considering daily wear, we discussed their jobs and lifestyles, uncovering each of their preferences and points of particular interest.


The woman was charmed by diamonds set in a dancing pattern and the combination of colors, while the man liked the subtly sparkling mirror texture.


By adding these preferences to "Foresta," the rings became even more reflective of their individualities, packed with personal significance.


Layering Time Upon Time, Like the Rings of a Tree



After spending a great deal of time and having many conversations, the couple carefully selected their wedding rings. The design of "Foresta," infused with warmth and personal touches, has become a constant companion that will always stay close to them.


Always gentle, kind, and full of empathy, may you both continue to layer warm moments together with these rings, crafting a life filled with happiness.


Concierge: Takahashi

Ginza Atelier


Wedding Rings That Complement the Couple's Natural Demeanor