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Layering Engagement and Wedding Rings that Reflect the Couple's Unique Style

At ith, many couples who have already registered their marriage visit us.


Everyone chooses their rings at different times and selects them based on personal preference.


Today, I want to share a story about a couple who found their special rings after their marriage registry.

Expressing Their Style Through Layering

Typically, engagement rings are perceived as "rings to be worn during the engagement period."


However, these rings are also meant to be worn daily after marriage, at weddings of friends, or at dinner parties, allowing one to cherish a sense of specialness over time.


For this couple, the impression when layering their engagement and wedding rings was a crucial factor in their selection.



"Mature yet cute"—that was their perfect description for the engagement ring they fell in love with, named "Spade".


This design features milgrain, tiny bead-like details that give a subtle antique feel without being overly lavish.


Their favorite wedding ring was the "Allegro".


By incorporating the "Piuma" feather engraving across one side, it complements the antique vibe of the engagement ring, creating a cohesive look.

A Gift of Love

Engagement rings also carry the significance of being a "gift."


Hence, the couple chose to imbue the ring with the man’s sentiments towards his partner through a specially selected diamond.



At ith, we provide the opportunity to view numerous diamonds, allowing couples to choose based on what’s most important to them.


The couple was particular about a "color" quality, opting for the highest grade "D color" diamond.


They chose platinum for the ring setting, which enhances the pristine beauty of their chosen diamond, ensuring it stands out magnificently.

A Ring That Embodies Their Sentiments

A few days after delivery, the couple sent us a message saying, "The moment we put the rings on, we were overwhelmed with happiness."


Being part of their journey and crafting these significant rings has been a true joy as a concierge.


I hope to see them again at our Omiya Atelier!

Wishing them everlasting happiness.


Concierge: Matsuoka




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Layering Engagement and Wedding Rings that Reflect the Couple's Unique Style